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It's a fact, 90% of all pests invade our homes from the outside. This includes wood destroying carpenter ants which are the #1 wood destroying insects in Michigan and cause millions of dollars in damage to homes yearly. Many homeowners spend hundreds of dollars for lawn maintenance and nothing to prevent damage from wood destroying insects.

Occasional invaders such as mice, pavement ants, earwigs, centipedes, millipedes, spiders, clovermites, box elder bugs, and pillbugs are some of the more common pests that also invade homes in Michigan.

We also see problems with stinging insects such as hornets, wasps ,bees and yellow jackets, some of which can be very aggressive and dangerous. Mosquitoes are also a potentially dangerous nuisance with ever higher numbers of West-Nile Virus illnesses being reported. Environmental Pest Control has been been serving Oakland County and northwestern Wayne County for 30 years. We are Quality Pro certified ,and have an A Rating on Angie's List.

Our Technicians are licensed and certified by the Michigan Department of Agriculture. All have received extensive training in residential pest control. For further information, please call Adele our Office Manager at 248-656-8888 She is also a licensed pest control technician.